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Curved Lever Micro Switch
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Curved Lever Micro Switch

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of Curved Lever Micro switch in China, WEIPENG® has been providing high-quality Curved Lever Micro switch solutions for many years. Our products are not only affordable but also widely recognized in the European and American markets. We would love to be your reliable partner in China for the long term.


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Product Description

WEIPENG® is a leading China Curved Lever Micro Switch manufacturers, suppliers and exporter.

Tongda Wire Electric Curved Lever Micro Switch Introduction

The micro switch, also referred to as a sensitive switch or quick switch, is a compact contact mechanism that moves rapidly and has a small contact interval. It is designed with a specified stroke and force for switch action contacts and is encased in a protective shell. The switch is activated by an external drive rod and is commonly used in applications where space is limited or where quick on/off action is necessary, such as in anti-theft systems where it serves as a door switch.

Tongda Wire Electric Curved Lever Micro Switch Parameter (Specification)

Technical parameter
Electrical Rating
10(1.5)A 250VAC
Contact  Resistance
≤50mΩ( Initial value)
Insulation Resistance
Dielectric Voltage
between non-connected terminals
between terminals and the metal frame
Electrical Life
≥10000 cycles
Mechanical Life
≥3000000 cycles
Operating Temperature
Operating Frequency
Electrical:15 cycles
Mechanical:60 cycles
Vibration Proof
Vibration Frequency:10~55HZ;
Three directions:1H
Solder Ability: More than 80% of immersed part shall be covered with solder
Soldering Temperature:235±5℃
Immersing Time:2~3S

Tongda Wire Electric Curved Lever Micro Switch Matters Needing Attention

(1) When fixing the main body of the switch, please use the M2 small screw to fix it on the smooth surface with a torque below 0.098N·m. In addition, to prevent screw loosening, it is recommended to use washers.
(2) Please note that in the free state, the action body should not directly exert force on the button or the driver, but exert force on the button in the vertical direction when in use.
(3) The setting of the action after the action, the standard is more than 70[%] of the O.T. value. In the case of switch, do not set the action body in the position of action limit, so as not to impact the associated opening and closing, over stroke to shorten the life.
(4) In the case of hand welding, please use the electric temperature with temperature adjustment 320℃, within 3 seconds to complete the operation, and pay attention to the operation do not apply force on the terminal part.
(5) It is recommended to use low-power circuit type (Au cladding contacts) when used under low current and voltage.

Tongda Wire Electric Curved Lever Micro switch Details

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