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Purple Tact Switch 4 Pin

Purple Tact Switch 4 Pin

Purple Tact Switch 4 Pin by China manufacturers WEIPENG®. Our competitive pricing and popularity in the European and American markets make us an ideal long-term partner for your Household appliances ultra-small micro switch needs in China.


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Product Description

WEIPENG® is a leading Tactile Switch manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. 

Tongda Purple Tact Switch 4 Pin Intro

Tact switch, also known as capacitive switch or touch switch, is an electronic switch that can be operated without pressing a physical button. By sensing the charge or capacitance of the human body, the switch operation can be achieved by simply touching the switch panel. The Tact switch is made of high-quality materials with high durability and impact resistance. The simple structure of the tap switch reduces the possibility of failure and failure, providing stable and reliable work.

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Tongda Purple Tact Switch 4 Pin Details

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