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Efficient Dustproof Micro Switch

Efficient Dustproof Micro Switch

Efficient Dustproof Micro Switch by China manufacturers WEIPENG®. Our competitive pricing and popularity in the European and American markets make us an ideal long-term partner for your Household appliances ultra-small micro switch needs in China.


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Product Description

WEIPENG ® is one of the leading in the manufacturing suppliers and exporter of Micro switches in China

Tongda Efficient Dustproof Micro Switch Introduction 

Micro switch, also known as limit switch or tact switch, is a commonly used electronic switch device. It can quickly switch the current flow state during touch operation and is widely used in various mechanical equipment, electrical appliances and automation control systems. The structure of the micro switch mainly consists of a trigger rod, a spring, a contact and a shell. When external force or pressure causes the trigger lever to shift, the spring is compressed or released, causing the contacts to make or break. Micro switches have many advantages.

Tongda Efficient Dustproof Micro Switch Application Feature

ITEM Main Technical Parameters
1 Electrical Rating :1A 15VDC
2 Electrical lifetime  : 20,000 cycles
3 Operating Life without Loa : 100,000 cycles
4 Contact Resistance :≤100mΩ
5 Withstand Voltage :Foot to foot 500V/5S/0.5mA;Foot to Cover 1500/5S/0.5mA
6 Insulation Resistance : ≥100MΩ Test Voltage 500VDC
7 ProofTracking Index PTI :175V
8 Operating Temperature Range :40T120°
9 Operating force :0.4N Max
10 Releasing force :0.04N Min
11 Free position :9.4±0.5m
12 Operating position :8.5±0.5m

Tongda Efficient Dustproof Micro Switch Details

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