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Air Fryer Micro Switch
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Air Fryer Micro Switch

WEIPENG® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Air Fryer Micro Switch in China. With years of experience in switch, we offer competitively priced products that have gained popularity in the European and American markets. We are excited to establish a long-lasting partnership with you in China.


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Product Description

Find a huge selection of Air Fryer Micro Switch from China at WEIPENG®.

Tongda Wire Electric Air Fryer Micro Switch What is a Air Fryer Micro Switch?

In simple terms, this type of switch is a switch consisting of tiny contact spacing and a fast moving structure. A switch that can operate according to a specified force or a specified stroke. This kind of switch has a special shell package, at the same time in the external drive rod, because the distance between the contacts is relatively small, so the sensitivity is higher, known as the fretting, sensitive switch.

Tongda Wire Electric Air Fryer Micro Switch Parameter (Specification)

Technical parameter
Electrical Rating
10(1.5)A 250VAC
Contact  Resistance
≤50mΩ( Initial value)
Insulation Resistance
Dielectric Voltage
between non-connected terminals
between terminals and the metal frame
Electrical Life
≥10000 cycles
Mechanical Life
≥3000000 cycles
Operating Temperature
Operating Frequency
Electrical:15 cycles
Mechanical:60 cycles
Vibration Proof
Vibration Frequency:10~55HZ;
Three directions:1H

Tongda Wire Electric Air Fryer Micro Switch Working Principle Analysis

The external mechanical force of the microswitch can be acted on by the internal transmission element. Including buttons, levers and rollers. When the force is exerted on the reed through these elements, the critical point will act, making the moving contact at the end of the reed connected or disconnected from the stationary contact. If the force on the transmission element is lost, the action reed will exert the opposite force. When the reverse formation of the transmission element reaches the critical point of action, it can complete the reverse action in a moment. This type of switch has the characteristics of small contact spacing, short travel and small power, so it can be quickly disconnected

Tongda Wire Electric Air Fryer Micro Switch Details

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