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Micro Switch Air Conditioner

Micro Switch Air Conditioner

Micro Switch Air Conditioner by China manufacturers WEIPENG®. Our competitive pricing and popularity in the European and American markets make us an ideal long-term partner for your Household appliances ultra-small micro switch needs in China.


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Product Description

WEIPENG ® is one of the leading in the manufacturing suppliers and exporter of Micro switches in China

Tongda Micro Switch Air Conditioner Introduction 

Micro switches, also known as snap action switches, are small electromechanical devices commonly used in various appliances, vehicles, machinery, and electronic devices. closing of windows, limit detection, etc.The operation force is light, which can reduce human fatigue. Good insulation performance ensures the safety of the circuit.High safety, effectively prevent circuit short circuit and fire.

Tongda Micro Switch Air Conditioner Application

Micro switches are widely used in various fields. The following are several main application areas: Electronic equipment: Micro switches are often used in electronic equipment. They can be used to control power switches, function keys, volume buttons, and more. Home appliances:  such as TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. 

In conclusion, micro switches have important applications in many fields and can play a key role in control, sensing and protection.

Switch Technical Characteristics:
ITEM Technical Parameter Value
1 Electrical Rating 5(2)A/10A/16(3)A/21(8)A 250VAC
2 Contact Resistance ≤30mΩ Initial value
3 Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ (500VDC)
non-connected terminals
Between terminals
and the metal frame
5 Electrical Life ≥50000 cycles
6 Mechanical Life ≥1000000 cycles
7 Operating Temperature -25~125℃
8 Operating Frequency electrical  :15 cycles
Mechanical :60 cycles
9 抗振 Vibration Proof Vibration Frequency : 10~55HZ;
Amplitude :1.5mm;
Three directions :1H
10 Solder Ability :
More than 80% of immersed part
shall be covered with solder
Soldering Temperature :235±5℃
Immersing Time :2~3S
11 Solder Heat Resistance Dip Soldering :260±5℃ 5±1S
Manual Soldering : 300±5℃ 2~3S
12 Safety Approvals UL、CSA、VDE、ENEC、TUV、CE、KC、CQC
13 Test Conditions Ambient Temperature :20±5℃
Relative Humidity :65±5%RH
Air Pressure :86~106KPa

Tongda Micro Switch Air Conditioner Details

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