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IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch
  • IP67 Waterproof Micro SwitchIP67 Waterproof Micro Switch

IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch

For many years, WEIPENG® has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality IP67 waterproof micro switches in China. Our commitment to providing competitive pricing and exceptional quality has made us a trusted partner for customers seeking reliable IP67 waterproof micro switch solutions. With a strong presence in both European and American markets, we are well-equipped to meet your IP67 waterproof micro switch needs and provide long-term support for your business.


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Product Description

High quality IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch is offered by China manufacturers WEIPENG®. Buy IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch which is of high quality directly with low price.

Tongda Wire Electric IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch Introduction

Waterproof waterproof microswitch is a kind of waterproof switch with tiny contact spacing and quick action mechanism, it can be switched with a specified stroke and a specified force, outside the shell and drive rod. Contacts: In the waterproof and waterproof microswitch type, the switching function is achieved by mechanical switching of the contacts, in contrast to semiconductor switches that have waterproof and waterproof microswitch characteristics.

Tongda Wire Electric IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch Principle:

The functioning of a waterproof micro switch is based on the external application of mechanical forces on the action reed through transmission components such as push pins, buttons, levers, and rollers. As the action reed moves towards a critical point, it generates instantaneous action, causing the moving contact at the end of the reed to quickly connect or disconnect from the fixed contact.
Upon removing the force acting on the transmission element, the action reed produces a reverse acting force. As the transmission element undergoes a reverse stroke, it reaches the critical point of the reed, and the reverse action is completed instantaneously. The small contact distance, short travel, small pressure, and fast switching speed make the waterproof micro switch a reliable and efficient component. Additionally, the moving speed of the contact is independent of the speed of the transmission element.

Switch Technical Characteristics:
ITEM Technical Parameter Value
1 Electrical Rating 0.1A 5(2)A 10(3)A 125/250VAC 0.1A 5A 36VDC
2 Operating Force 1.0~2.5N
3 Contact Resistance ≤300mΩ
4 Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ  (500VDC)
non-connected terminals
Between terminals
and the metal frame
6 Electrical Life ≥50000 cycles
7 Mechanical Life ≥100000 cycles
8 Operating Temperature -25~105℃
9 Operating Frequency Electrical :15 cycles
Mechanical :60 cycles
10 Vibration Proof Vibration Frequency :10~55HZ;
Amplitude :1.5mm;
Three directions :1H
11 Solder Ability :
More than 80% of immersed part
shall be covered with solder
Soldering Temperature :235±5℃
Immersing Time :2~3S
12 Solder Heat Resistance Dip Soldering :260±5℃ 5±1S
Manual Soldering :300±5℃ 2~3S
13 Test Conditions Ambient Temperature :20±5℃
Relative Humidity :65±5%RH
Air Pressure :86~106KPa

Tongda Wire Electric IP67 Waterproof Micro Switch Details

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